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three men are charged in the murder of a chicago woman one of those men as a former police officer ... good afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... monica schneider is live in river forest with details on that top story ... >>this is a case of fatal attraction for the victim her
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boyfriend an ax, but is the accused of having her killed he used his son and another cop to do the dirty work ... schumachevron alexander was murdered and her boyfriend 39 year-old devin bickham str. is being held.. >>police say the senior bickham was in the parking lots when a
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son and another officer showed up and shot her dead ... he called it 911 to act like a witness but the other two were caught in a neighboring suburb with the guns ... police believed it was a case of a married man wanting to get rid of the girlfriend who was pressuring him to leave his wife for her all three suspects are due in court tomorrow ... >>and 911 operator killed scion alleged in truckdriver was memorialized this morning ... it funeral service was held for mercy adkins at st. joseph can't church in lincoln park she will be laid to last at st. mary's cemetery and evergreen park harrison is accused of stealing and as tv while drunk and high and plowing into her at comet
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tosh and whine of last weekend the loyola academy graduate charged with fatally punching a mount carmel high school student on the fourth of july pleaded not guilty this morning ... james miller has a live report from michigan city indiana >>james malecek check said nothing this morning as he with an attorney walked into court house this morning ... he was involved in the fight that caused the death of kevin kennelly of chicago he died of blunt force trauma to the head after malacek punched him and hadm leading to his deeath he is
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free on bond and will be a freshman this fall at texas christian university but he is placed on probation pending the evolution of the case he has a court appearance september 1st ... a a chicago man who is out on bond awaiting trial for murder has been arrested and charged with beating a man at the south side beach last weekend police say luis pina and eight others punched and kicked a man who they thought was taking pictures of his girlfriend at rainbow beach on sunday he allegedly pointed a gun at that man and awarded the others to take his cellular phone before they attacked him prosecutors say that luis pina is charged with that 2008 shooting death of a teen who was shot and she helped her blind sister and a south side allie ... commonwealth
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edison said everyone in the chicago area lost power in monday's storm should have service backed by the weekend right now 97,000 homes and businesses across the area are still without electricity. the vast majority 73,000 are in the north region ... north suburban lake county is still a lot of stress related outages and damage ... nancy loo has a live report from the county that declared a state of emergency ... the plan of attack is described as a full-court press and the waukegan area today contract it crews from far away as tennessee are helping commonwealth edison to restore power with 12,000 v lines and a storm induced breast to work around the process can get complicated this job will
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take up to four hours but it should bring results for 1200 customers with the problem is there are hundreds just like this one in the meantime some waukegan streets are still blocked by massive trees and angled and power lines and lots of spoiled food have joined those debris piles along the curbs of this neighborhood when women estimates her family lost $300 worth of groceries ... >>we are surviving on a day to day basis we just deal with what we can handle each day ... it will be the weekend before customers will be back on line and cost and customers and residents here are grateful for the cool weather ... commonwealth edison recently earned a low score on the j.d. power and associates survey of utility services the ranked one
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12th out of 124 for overall performance and next to the bottom in the rankings for customer satisfaction that survey was taken before storms in june and july that knocked out power to hundreds and thousands in the chicago area ... just days after his trial began a judge declares a mistrial in the federal perjury case against roger clemens tensions are rising on both sides of the isle the warning that president obama is issuing as the heated debt talks s sheet or bar? how do you get your bounce? oh i'm a forgetter. i tend to forget things all the time. so i'm a bar person. i don't need to remember the dryer sheet, so if i forget i'm still good. woman: (shouting) remember the bar!
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how great is this? it's so peaceful. i could stare at it all night. you know what? let's light a fire. anncr: some things are better left unseen. man: you know what? let's not. anncr: it's the same with garbage. introducing hefty blackout kitchen bags. white bags can't hide messes like blackout bags with odorblock technology. (sfx: coyote howl) keep your garbage in the dark. hefty! hefty! hefty! president obama and congressional negotiators will hold more talks this afternoon and raising the debt ceiling president walked out of yesterday's session after republican eric cantor proposed a short-term agreement if something obama has vowed to veto if there is no deal by
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august 2nd to raise the borrowing limit above the 14.3 trillion dollars in partial default could be triggered if senate majority leader harry reid said that would be catastrophic ... paychecks for our troops would stop some of the most vulnerable americans would be placed at risk our promise to the men and women who protect us will be broken we would not be able to make payments to the military ... >>a default would stop payments on the national debt american investments and retirement accounts will be decimated millions more with those their jobs and find a difficult to pay back or even secure loans ... turning us with more as wgn political analyst and the host politics tonight on seal tv paul lisnek ... paul you seem to say they will reach an agreement ... >>they will raise the debt
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ceiling and let there be no mistake about it this is all about posturing for the elections of 2012 in many ways it has nothing to do with anyone's love for the country ... >>this is what's most infuriating to us striking these chords and using this particular situation to scare people and hold the government hostage and embarrass the president ... >>this deal has nothing to do with jobs it's a critical issue but they are getting sidetracked off of the jobs and it's all anyone is talking about what people still remain and work eric cantor is the guy to watch in this process he is the man who wants to be speaker of the house is going after banners job john banners job ..boehner's job..
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... right now eric cantor represents the two-party conservative waming.. and he's trying to embarrass not only the president but john bonner this is a self-serving exercise and he is derailing the mainstream republicans and they can't get their act together ... as soon as an agreement is reached by the deadline people will be asking lots of questions about jobs ... >>there has not been a jobs bill passed since the 2010 elections ... president obama wants to get this fixed but there is not a
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connection right now with this debt ceiling discussion ... this is all about 2012. the election is really under way ... prior to that dismal jobs report on friday we were hearing a buzz that there were getting things together and and the report came out and the republicans said wait just a minute ... the tejon changed that fridayone changedtright there..
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in order to get things passed and time have to come to terms by the 20th ... there's a difference with shutting the government down and this case putting the full facing credit of the united states on-line this is too huge and neither side ought to be playing with that ... remember you can see politics tonight on cl tv.. weeknights at 6:00 p.m. ... will have the day's top business stories next
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i am angie lau of bloomberg news ... the white house is saying that it may have to accept a smaller deal with republicans ... if a deal is not reached moody's will likely downgrade the american credit rating ... today the federal reserve chairman indicated that the state of illinois is under close watch at the federal reserve
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... as well as california ... they're considered potential risks to the overall economic picture ... the price of natural gas and commodities by threatening to raise.. and the soybeans are in increasing as well.. taking a look at retail sales from last month that the numbers are disappointing june was stagnant ... right now on wall street let's take a look stocks are actually in the red today losses from
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earlier gains investors are focusing on comments from ben bernanke that's all weighing on investors.. >>the fbi is expanding its investigation into the police torture scandal that sent former commander john burgee to prison ... been reports investigators enough focusing on any possible illegal activity by detectives who worked under burch as well as former cook county assistant state's attorney's the feds want to know the extent of their involvement in confessions from suspects took his convictions were later overturned sources say the fbi agents have been
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collecting court records and conducting interviews ... rod blagojevich and his lawyers are being summoned to appear in court again when blagojevich was convicted on 17 corruption counts are this month his attorneys convinced a judge to allow me to go free on bond by putting his house and another building up as collateral but so far that property appraisal and other paperwork on the second building has not yet been filed with the court ... they have until friday to resolve the matter ... the chicago city council is getting ready to redraw ward maps and much as change that could affect the way the wards are reshaped white and african-american populations decreased in 10 years while the number of hispanics and asians increased ... based on the latest census experts say there should be about 16 black alderman 16 white 15 hispanic and three haitians the council has until december to approve a map under state statute ...
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mayor emanuel is getting 6 $9 new york city mayor michael bloomberg his foundation is awarding the grant to rahm emanuel to create an innovation team among the issues the team will look into our waste cut the time residents and businesses have to wait until i get a permit or no license and had an increase energy efficiency and the city ... ♪ ♪ i may be mud but i have standards.
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mistrial after he says evidence revealed to the jury could prejudice the jury against clemens ... judge reggie walton scolded prosecutors for twice violated his orders to not reveal certain evidence if he says could uphold case of risk. prosecutors told the jury that two of clemens' teammates and had used human growth hormones judge walton says those comments could lead jurors to consider clemens' guilty by association the defenses until july 29th to file a motion to drop those charges ... most of us will never be in the middle of a fire fight in libya but cnn reporter ben wedeman and his team wore his photographer get that camera rolling even as they ran for cover let's take a look ...
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the team was investigating reports of abuse and vandalism and 11 and in a village in western libya when the fight broke out everyone made it back to the base safely >>thousands of mourners gathered a synagogue in brooklyn new york for the funeral of a boy who was abducted and killed while walking home from camp. eight year-old leiby kletzy got lost on his way home monday afternoon and asked a stranger for directions the boy was
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missing for a day and half before police went to the home of levi and around and found some of the child's remains and around refrigerator they found more of the boys remains in a trash bin a break in the case came and police feared grainy video the boy getting into a car outside a dentist office they're both orthodox jews there tight-knit committed neighborhood is considered one of the safest in new york city ... media mogul rupert murdoch could be a target of federal investigators in connection with hacking scandal that has him in hot water and britain. so u.s. lawmakers are urging the fed is to investigate their concern that september 11th victim's may have had their phones tapped three senators and congressmen are asking the justice department determined effort for murdoch's u.s. based companies violated anti burr ridge another loss robert ross will appear before parliament next week to answer questions about the scandal that led to the closure
12:27 pm
of the news of the world newspaper the scandal is now extending out to other murdoch organizations funeral services began less than an hour for a former first lady betty ford ... it public viewing was held again this morning at the gerald ford presidential library in grand rapids
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quickly and we don't get to accumulate much ... we're getting 50 percent the normal amount of rainfall and this comes at a time in the year when there is rapid evaporation ... we luzhou lose about an inch and a half with these warming temperatures each day ... and we are looking at a massive hot air dome in the plains states that will be expanding into our area giving rise to the longest spell of hot weather we will see this summer coming up beginning this weekend. this is an area we will be watching for the next couple
12:31 pm
of days ... we will get a couple of thunderstorms nothing for the remainder of today ... we may get something overnight tomorrow will be a mix of sunshine and clouds. as time goes on and the heat begins to build and to the western midwest storms will start developing and the heat and humidity will be driving that. by sunday the air will
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become so hot that we will be looking at the heat index of a hundred degrees or more into next week ... but for an hour and join a degree temperaturesnow we are enjoying a degree temperatures today ... there are many midwestern states to the self of us that are under heat advisory. the wind is coming in from the southeast though direction is a significant development ... we are not getting a cooling effect for many lake priuses..
12:33 pm
humidity will be building up this weekend we have moderate allergy conditions today. storm clusters will be forming to the northwest ... it's the same kind of thing that produce those storms one week ago. the
12:34 pm
jet streams will be blowing it out of the area by monday. temperatures will be taking off from there into the mid-90s. here are the temperature readings: o'hare has had a decreasehit 80 degrees.. some of the northwest flow storms may begin to flourish today and into this evening tomorrow this area will move farther east ... here is the
12:35 pm
forecast of the expanding heat dome this is pretty amazing ... this thing expense and the computer models have 39 states into he warnings by next week its mammoth ... wednesday thursday and friday of next week we have a pretty hot week on the way with temperatures reaching into the high 90 degree temperatures here is the forecast there is no heat today it's another comfortable day ... the high temperatures are 80 degrees with 76 along
12:36 pm
those lakefront beaches tonight will have more clouds perhaps an isolated shower low temperatures are 66 degrees overnight tomorrow we have clouds and mixed son seasonable warmth and a cluster of gusty thunderstorms ... more unity over the weekend humidity over the weekend.. ... the expectation is these hit advisory's that we're showing in kansas city and omaha ...
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... the blackhawks are moving into the restaurant business they've opened one each in terminal 2 at o'hare it's a joint venture with stanley say blackhawks hangout near the united center ... that's a look at sports the alone lottery isillinois lottery is next assiststhese are the winning
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on the medical watch why cancer kills more men and women ... researchers analyzed data from cancer registry's across the united states. they looked at 36 types of cancer and did not include sex specific form such as prostate and breast cancers their report men died at much higher rates than women for all but three extremely rare cancers the researchers say survival after diagnosis accounts for just a small part of the difference most of the
12:45 pm
disparity is because men are more likely than women to develop cancer in the first place ... the swine flu shot apparently is not as bad as reported in new studies clearing up a shot from charges that it caused an increase of the disease known as dion parson drumjohn barr syndromguillan- brre syndrome.. ... that is a rare disorder that causes damage to nerve cells and the union system and could cause paralysis the new studies published in the british medical journal lancet ... researchers say the h1n1 vaccine poses little if any increased risk for the disease ... scientists have
12:46 pm
found a link between a smelly feet and pesky mosquitoes researchers at a tanzanian health institute are developing traps using natural and artificial foot odor to lohr malaria spreading the skiers ...
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today we are celebrating bastille day ... today we are celebrating french independence
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with local french chef didier durand ... he is making a traditional coq au vin ... today we will use beaujolais ... i cut up the chicken and pieces of brown to them and a little bit of duck fat season to them with salt and pepper ... i am adding mushrooms that will absorb of the flavor of the winde.. and we have a little bit of bacon flavor ... as a
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garnish i used phenyl carrots fennel carrots fingerling potatoes.. and i am using a george de bouef beau jolais.. ... one of these french wines are $10 a bottle and they're good ...
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these are wonderful wines that last for a long time and they are great with chicken and fish we don't typically think of a red wine with these food accompaniments but these are lighter pulitzer and fresherand fresh.. we will put the recipe and the names of these wines on our web site. that is one heavenly smell ...
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he has the table set ... dinner for two ... and i served it for a starter a block of tappan nodack olive tapenade.. we are celebrating bastille day at my restaurant tonight cyrano's bistrot ... we have live music and a four course dinner for $39 we are at 546 north wells street here in chicago ... i'm complete this
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for you dina ... the trauma is great ... you can watch this again or just get the recipe at
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of darts.. that is the answer to today's trivia question.. we are at 80 degrees in chicago right how ... we have real heat on the way this weekend we had a beautiful 74 degrees yesterday ... the wind off the lake will moderate heat just a slight bit ... from sunday forward we have real heat developing ... we will reach 91 degrees saturday 95
12:57 pm
degrees sunday and perhaps a thunderstorm will follow.. the humidity will creep been on saturday in on saturday ... we will go into the sixties tonight back into the mid '80s tamara we will hit the low 70's tomorrow night into the upper 80s and 90 degrees on saturday and the '90s will come and on sunday once again and climb into the week..
12:58 pm
heat will spread into our area coming up from those southwestern states ... the heat begins on saturday afternoon and we are in for a warm warm week ... we really do need those thunderstorms ... thank you tom and thank-you for turning us today joining us today..
12:59 pm
... we leave you with more music from sierra maestra they are performing tonight at millennium park have a great afternoon everyone ...

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